The mission of the BBK Law Firm is to provide clients with legal services at the highest level using state-of-art management methods and innovative ways of solving legal issues of all types.

The distinguishing feature of the BBK Law Firm is its extensive experience as well as a modern and open approach to the interpretation and application of law, which, thanks to the high specialization of our lawyers, allows the implementation of new legal solutions, unique on the Polish legal services market, ensuring the effectiveness of our activities.

The Battara Bartoszek Kuliński BBK Law Firm provides its services to large, medium and small enterprises. The Law Firm also gladly supports natural persons in case of particularly interesting legal issues.

The services of the BBK Law Firm, thanks to having a team of lawyers with extensive experience and high specialization, cover a wide range of legal issues, as well as broadly understood commercial and economic consultancy.

Combining elements of legal assistance with commercial consulting is the result of the belief that the real economic goals of our clients usually go beyond the pure legal aspect and therefore require a broader view of the underlying problem.

The BBK Law Firm provides its services to both Polish and foreign clients, specializing in particular in the Italian market, and thus, we can be proud of cooperation with many recognized companies operating on the Polish and international market.

We invite you to cooperation!