The BBK Law Firm’s specialty is handling construction processes, both in the private and public sectors, including infrastructure, housing, industrial and public utilities.

Services provided by the BBK Law Firm in this sector include, among others:

  • ongoing consultancy in the field of conducting construction investments for general contractors, investors and subcontractors, both in the public procurement sector and in the private sector;
  • developing and negotiating construction contracts and other contracts and legal documents related to construction investments;
  • developing, negotiating and implementing cooperation structures between entities jointly implementing investment tasks and agreements regarding the termination and settlement of works contracts;
  • consultancy in the field of FIDIC contracts;
  • legal advice regarding claims related to the construction process, including claims under FIDIC contracts;
  • advising general contractors, subcontractors and investors on extraordinary circumstances occurring during the construction process;
  • ongoing legal support for construction sites;
  • conducting court, arbitration or mediation proceedings regarding disputes related to construction investments.