Due to the many years of experience in providing services to entities operating on a large scale in many countries, the lawyers of the BBK Law Firm are particularly specialized in advising on issues of international law. The scope of consultancy related to the international market provided by the BBK Law Firm includes, inter alia:

  • analysis and advice on risks related to starting a business on an international scale;
  • consultancy in the field of unification of international holding and corporate structures;
  • consultancy in the scope of implementing internal regulations of holding companies or international capital groups in Poland;
  • consultancy in the field of processes of international nature or with the participation of foreign entities, taking into account the issues of private international law, EU law and international conventions;
  • consultancy on the implementation of international restructuring procedures of business entities on the territory of Poland;
  • advice on legal elements of international trade;
  • consultancy and support for international M&A processes, including acquisitions of companies by foreign entities or transformation of corporate structures with the participation of foreign capital.

Legal services related to investments of Italian entities in Poland or Polish entities in Italy are a particularly developed field of consultancy provided by the BBK Law Firm. For more information on this topic, please visit the section Italian Department.