The experience in handling business transactions allows the BBK Law Firm to provide services related to cases of interference of the criminal law in business transactions. The purpose of the BBK Law Firm’s advice is to ensure compliance of business operations with the norms of criminal and criminal-and-fiscal law. Construction investments, labor law, real estate, transport law, bankruptcy cases, the scope of copyright and protection of industrial property are areas that require particular consideration of criminal-and-legal aspects.

As part of the criminal-and-commercial matters, the BBK Law Firm, in particular:

  • conducts audits of business organization to verify compliance with criminal law;
  • ensures protection of members of company bodies against the risk of criminal liability related to their function;
  • provides comprehensive services related to legal and criminal aspects of the functioning of companies, including in bankruptcies;
  • provides comprehensive legal and criminal services for construction investments;
  • represents clients in private tax cases for defamation