The lawyers of the BBK Law Firm boast extensive experience in handling M&A processes. BBK Law Firm’s services in this area include both the preparatory phase for M&A processes as well as the implementation and post-transaction phase. Services offered in this matter include:

  • legal conduct of acquisition processes of companies or enterprises, including the development of sales structures or acquisition strategies, services related to the preparation of sales to sellers, development of sales and sales-related documentation, support in conducting negotiations and development of legal solutions for specific issues emerging during sales processes;
  • ongoing legal advice on transformations, mergers and divisions of companies, including preparation of plans and schedules for transformation processes, mergers and division of companies, development of legal documentation related to the above processes, representation of companies before state authorities in connection with conducted procedures, ongoing advice at the following stage after transformation, merger or division of companies;
  • legal advice in the restructuring of companies and capital groups, including the development of restructuring plans and schedules, preparation of corporate and other documentation related to restructuring, consultancy in the field of company structures and capital groups after restructuring, ongoing consultancy at the stage of implementation of restructuring processes;
  • legal due diligence of companies and enterprises;
  • preparing documentation related to M&A processes;
  • developing legal management structures for companies after the acquisition and preparing relevant internal documents for companies or capital groups